Projets 2018-2019

Group 3. Magnétotellurie-Gravimétrie

Gravity monitoring of a geothermal reservoir (PI: Jacques Hinderer)

Magnetotelluric monitoring of a geothermal reservoir (« SMT-Géothermie ») (PI: Pascal Sailhac) 

Borehole resistivity modelling for advanced electrical log interpretation (PI: Jean-François Girard)

Group 4. Physique des roches

Extrapolating subsurface geothermal gradients in Northern Alsace: Laboratory thermal conductivity measurements and analogue materials (PIs: Patrick Baud)

Group 5. Hydro-géochimie

Study of the silicate dissolution processes by a combined microstructural, elementary and isotopic approach (PIs: Damien Lemarchand)

Group 7. Science sociales

Social imagery of deep geothermal energy: Analysis of the social role of science popularisation (PI: Philippe Chavot)

Group 9. Modélisation

Triggered events on regional faults: can EGS sites play a role? (PI: Jean Schmittbuhl)

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