WG8 The Centre for Deep Geothermal Data

One of the key objectives of the LabEx G-eau-thermie Profonde initiative is to put in place a data repository to archive and disseminate data collected from deep geothermal sites in the Alsace region, while adhering to intellectual property rights: the CDGP

Please visit the official CDGP website to learn more.

The CDGP is an active member of the EPOS Thematic Core Services Anthropogenic Hazards. You can learn more here: tcs.ah-epos.eu


Leader: Marc Schaming (EOST)

EOST: C. Grellier, C. Doubre, J-F Girard, M. Grunberg, A. Le Chenadec, F. Masson, T. Mochel, J. Schmittbuhl

ES Géothermie: E. Dalmais, A. Genter, A. Richard, N. Cuenot

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