WG1 Seismology

The seismology group aims to characterise and monitor geothermal reservoirs using passive seismic methods and numerical and analogue models. The group’s research includes the analysis and understanding of induced micro-seismicity, sub-surface imaging and monitoring using ambient seismic noise, as well as setting up and maintenance of seismic station networks.


Leader: Jérôme Vergne (EOST)

EOST: C. Doubre, S. Lambotte, O. Lengliné, A. Maggi, J. Schmittbuhl, D. Zigone, H. Blumentritt, M. Grunberg, H. Jund, A. Steyer, H. Wodling

ES Géothermie: C. Baujard, N. Cuenot, V. Maurer, A. Richard

PhD students/Post-docs: J. Azzola, J. Cauchie, D. Kula, R. Kopke, A. Renouard

Seismology publications