2017 Projects

WG1 Seismology

Is optical fiber technology the future of passive seismic monitoring of geothermal reservoirs? (PI: Jérôme Vergne)

Fault friction in the EGS reservoir context (PI: Olivier Lengliné)

WG3 Magnetotellurics and Gravimetry

Hybrid gravimetric monitoring of ageothermal reservoir(PI: Jacques Hinderer)

Magnetotelluric monitoring of a geothermal reservoir (PI: Pascal Sailhac) 

Passive electromagnetic monitoring of a geothermal reservoir (PI: Jean-François Girard)

WG4 Rock Physics

Stimulation of EGS geothermal reservoirs: impact of natural joints on the rheology and friction properties of sandstone (PIs: Patrick Baud and Michael Heap)

WG5 Hydro-geochemisty

Experiments of total mineral dissolution (PI: Damien Lemarchand)

Numerical modelling of the transport of the geothermal fluid reinjected in the EGS reservoir (PI: Yann Lucas)

WG6 Geology

Geological, stratigraphical, mineralogical and structural study of deep sedimentary cover in the Rhine Grabe: Application to the geothermal boreholes at Soultz-sous-Forêts, Rittershoffen, and Illkirch (PI: Hubert Whitechurch)

For more details please see the 2017 Activity report (pages 18 to 26, in French).