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Congratulations Dr. Azzola!

Jérôme Azzola successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Non-standard monitoring of deep geothermal reservoirs" on May 14, 2020.
Rittershoffen Geothermal power plant

Geosciences for the Energy Systems Transition: An exciting evolution of the LabEx GP

On January 7th, the University of Strasbourg announced the selection of 15 laureates of the Initiative for Excellence's "Breaking Boundaries" programme. This programme, co-directed by the Université of Strasbourg, the CNRS, and Inserm, funds Interdisciplinary Thematic Institutes (ITI) that aim to promote research and training in an interdisciplinary university environment. Among the laureates is EOST's ITI Geosciences for the Energy Systems Transition: Exploiting Deep Groundwater (G-eau-TE), the evolution of the LabEx G-eau-thermie Profonde.

Understanding fracture zones: An interview with PhD candidate Carole Glaas

An interview with Carole Glaas, PhD candidate at IPGS and ÉS Géothermie Since December 2017, Carole Glaas has been interested in the permeability of geothermal reservoirs to understand how they increase reservoir productivity. With a new, simple, fast, and economical method, she is able to characterise the alteration of granites in fracture zones. She is doing her thesis largely at ÉS, thanks to the CIFRE funding framework.

EGW 2019 - 7th European Geothermal Workshop in Karlsruhe

Started in 2012, the EGW is organised by the LabEx G-eau-thermie Profonde and the Karlsruhe Institue of Technology (KIT). In 2018, the geothermal division of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) joined the organisation committee. The workshop is held every year, over two days, and is hosted alternately by EOST and KIT.