New publication alert! EPOS TCS AH introduce their open data platform

02 juillet 2020 par LabEx GP
EPOS TCS AH: An open data infrastructure for the study of anthropogenic hazards linked to georesource exploitation, published in Nature Scientific Data

Georesource exploitation – including mining, underground gas storage, and geothermal energy exploitation – has the potential to cause subsurface deformation that can result in anthropogenically triggered earthquakes. Restricted access to data, however, can limit our ability to assess and mitigate these risks.

Now, through the The European Plate Observing System’s (EPOS) Thematic Core Services Anthropogenic Hazards (TCS AH) Platform (, users can make use of a new and novel e-research infrastructure that gives access to site-specific data. This new platform is connected to international data storage nodes that offer open access to grouped datasets associated with industrial activity. The platform also provides an extensive range of data visualisation, processing, and analysis applications to help users better understand these data.

The EPOS TCS AH team – of which researchers from the LabEx G-eau-thermie Profonde are members – has recently published a comprehensive explanation of the TCS AH platform’s capabilities in Nature Scientific Data. The article is available in Open Access, for all to read in full.