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2017 projects

  • Geological, stratigraphical, mineralogical, and structural study of deep sedimentary cover-basement interface within the Upper Rhine Graben : Application to ongoing geothermal projects from Soultz-sous-Forêts, Rittershoffen and Illkirch (PI : Hubert Whitechurch)
  • Acquisition of a new μ-XRF spectrometer : The Bruker M4 Tornado (PI : Marc Ulrich)
  • CDGP - Deep geothermy data center (PI : Marc Schaming)
  • Magneto-Telluric Monitoring of geothermal reservoir (“SMT-Géothermie”) (PI : Pascal Sailhac)
  • Static and time-lapse gravity applied to a geothermal reservoir (PI : Jacques Hinderer)
  • Stimulation of EGS geothermal reservoirs : impact of natural joints on the rheology and friction properties of sandstone (PI : Patrick Baud/Michael Heap)
  • Experiments of total mineral dissolution ( PI : Damien Lemarchand)
  • Numerical modelling of the transport of the geothermal fluid reinjected in the EGS reservoir at Soultz-sous-Forêts : chemical/isotopical evolution of the fluid and complementary hydrodynamical approach (PI : Yann Lucas)
  • Is optical fiber technology the future of passive seismic monitoring of geothermal reservoirs ? (PI : Jérôme Vergne)
  • DENSAR (DENse Seismic ARray) : a new platform for high-resolution seismic imaging and monitoring using spatially dense arrays (PI : Dimitri Zigone)
  • Fault friction in EGS reservoir context : the effect of thermal perturbations (PI : Olivier Lengliné)
  • Geodetic studies of geothermal sites (PI : Fréderic Masson)

23 juin 2017