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2016 projects

List of 2015-2016 projects.

  • Geological, stratigraphical, mineralogical, and structural study of deep sedimentary cover-basement interface within the Upper Rhine Graben : Application to ongoing geothermal projects from Soultz-sous-Forêts, Rittershoffen and Illkirch (Alsace) (Pl : H. Whitechurch )
  • Geothermal energy and urban environment : opportunities or incompatibilities ? Opinions of local residents and deep geothermal project stakeholders in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg (ORA-Géo 2) (Pl : P. Chavot)
  • Evolution of the petro-physical and mechanical parameters at the sedimentary cover-basement interface within a geothermal system (Pl : P. Baud)
  • Hydrothermal precipitation in a geothermal reservoir (Pl : M. Heap)
  • EM via-casing : Passive Electrical Monitoring and Controlled Source EM (Pl : J.F. Girard )
  • Magneto-Telluric Monitoring of geothermal reservoir (“SMT-Géothermie”) (Pl : P. Sailhac)
  • CDGI SDI structure (Pl : M. Schaming)
  • Feldspar reactivity in the context of Soultz-sous-Forêts : ultimate characterizations, simulations and wrap-up (Pl : D. Daval)
  • Probing water-rock interactions with isotopes – experimental approach (Pl S.Rihs (for D. Lemarchand)
  • Monitoring by hybrid gravimetry of a geothermal reservoir (Pl : J. Hinderer)
  • Numerical modelling of the transport of the geothermal fluid reinjected in the EGS reservoir at Soultz-sous-Forêts : chemical/isotopical evolution of the fluid and complementary hydrodynamical approach (PL : Y. Lucas)
  • Geodetic studies of geothermal sites (PL : F. Masson)

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