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Publications 2015

Cornet, F. H. (2015). Earthquakes induced by fluid injections. Science, 348(6240), 1204-1205.

Lehujeur, M., Vergne, J., Schmittbuhl, J., & Maggi, A. (2015). Characterization of ambient seismic noise near a deep geothermal reservoir and implications for interferometric methods : a case study in northern Alsace, France. Geothermal Energy, 3(1), 3.

Vidal, J., Genter, A., & Schmittbuhl, J. (2015). How do permeable fractures in the Triassic sediments of Northern Alsace characterize the top of hydrothermal convective cells ? Evidence from Soultz geothermal boreholes (France). Geothermal Energy, 3(1), 8.

Stormo, A., Lengliné, O., & Schmittbuhl, J. (2015). Mechanical origin of b-value changes during stimulation of deep geothermal reservoirs. Geothermal Energy, 3(1), 1.

Hinderer, J., Calvo, M., Abdelfettah, Y., Hector, B., Riccardi, U., Ferhat, G., & Bernard, J. D. (2015).Monitoring of a geothermal reservoir by hybrid gravimetry ; feasibility study applied to the Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen sites in the Rhine graben.Geothermal Energy, 3(1), 16.

Heimlich, C., Gourmelen, N., Masson, F., Schmittbuhl, J., Kim, S. W., & Azzola, J. (2015). Uplift around the geothermal power plant of Landau (Germany) as observed by InSAR monitoring. Geothermal Energy, 3(1), 2.

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