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What is Geothermal Energy ?

The deep geothermal energy at high temperature is defined in the French mining code by a temperature higher than 150°C and a depth superior to 1500m. The main goal is to outdo technical challenges to produce heat and electricity with this natural source of energy.

The word “Geothermal” originates from ancient Greek Geo (Earth) and Thermal (Heat). In fact, the natural heat of the Earth comes from two main sources : the heat of the Earth’s core (5000°C at 6000km deep) and the natural radioactivity (the disintegration of the radioactive elements produces heat).
From the surface to 5000m deep and from 15°C to 200°C, geothermal energy can be exploited through many techniques.

Les différents types de géothermie - Illustration des différents types de géothermie exploitables : Très basse, basse et haute énergie.
Les différents types de géothermie

23 janvier 2015