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Scientific topics

  • Exploration of deep geothermal resources (WP1) [Resp. U. Achauer]
    Knowledge of the Upper Rhine Graben (geology, structures, faults, historic seismicity) and geological analogs Seismic imagery of geothermal reservoirs Potential methods and geodesy Thermal imagery and natural thermal flow
  • Behavior of natural geothermal reservoirs (WP2) [Resp. J. Hinderer]
    Geophysical monitoring of hydrothermal loops (large-scale) Time constant in geochemistry Deformation of the natural reservoir (seismic and aseismic deformation…) Thermo-hydraulic stimulation
  • Exploitation of geothermal reservoirs (WP3) [Resp. J. Schmittbuhl]
    Access to the reservoir and forced circulation Geophysical and Geochemical monitoring Monitoring of hydro-thermo-chem-mechanical coupling Control of environmental nuisance

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