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Working groups

Objectives :
Research promotion
Group budget management
Industrial partnership development
Follow-up of commercial services

  • WG1 - Seismology

Membres :
J.Vergne, C.Baujard, C. Doubre, S.Lambotte, O.Lengliné, A. Maggi, J.Schmittbuhl, D.Zigone, H.Blumentritt, M.Grunberg, H.Jund, A.Steyer, H.Wodling, V.Maurer, A.Richard, N.Cuenot, J. Azzola, J. Cauchie, M.Lehujeur, C. Jestin.

Scientific objectives
Analysis and understanding of induced microseismicity
Ambient noise correlation
Instrumentation and networks
Data management and seismicity analysis

  • WG2 - Geodesy

Members :
C.Doubre, V.Maurer, F. Masson, P. Ulrich, G. Ferhat, JP Malet, E. Henrion.

Scientific objectives
Quantification of the surface deformation for the monitoring of reservoir (GNSS, Radar Interferometry (InSAR), Levelling, GB-InSAR)
Methodological developments
Modelling of the deformation

  • WG3 - MT-Gravi

Members :
J-F Girard, E.Dalmais, J. Hinderer, G.Ferhat, Y. Abdelfettah, P.Sailhac, M.Calvo, P-D Matthey, J-D Bernard, F.Littel, A.Genter, H.Larnier, N. Portier

Scientific objectives
Potential methods (mainly GRAVImetry & Magneto-Tellurics) applied to geothermal reservoir monitoring & deep exploration

  • WG4 - Rock physics

Members :
P.Baud, C.Baujard, M. Heap, T. Reuschlé, F. Dauny, B. Renaudié, L. Griffiths, A. Kushnir, J. Farquharson, J. Schmittbuhl, O. Lengliné, D. Daval, G. Schäfer, A. Genter.

Scientific objectives
Rock mechanics : HP/HT triaxial experiments, micromechanical models, microstructural analysis (SEM, X-ray computed tomography), creep, thermal microcracking, AE monitoring
Rock Physics : porosity, permeability, electrical/thermal conductivity, Vp, Vs

  • WG5 - Hydrogeology - geochemistry

Members :
G. Schäfer, G.Ravier, P. Ackerer, E. Beaulieu, F. Chabaux, D. Daval, F. Delay, B. Fritz, G. Imfeld, D. Lemarchand, Y. Lucas, S. Rihs, J.F. Girard, J. Schmittbuhl, C. Beaujard, R. Hehn, N. Cuenot, J. Scheiber, V.V Ngo, B.Wild

Scientific objectives
Material transfers studies linked to fluid-rock interactions in geothermal reservoirs (isotopic tracing, numerical modeling, microbiology study in geothermal contexte, mineral alteration kinetics).

  • WG6 - Geology

Members :
H.Whitechurch, A.Genter, P. Duringer, M. Schaming, E. Dalmais, M. Ulrich, V. Magnenet, F. Chopin, J. Vidal, C. Aichholzer

Scientific objectives
A better understanding of the circulation of hydrothermal fluids at the sedimentary cover-basement interface at geothermal sites within northern Alsace.
Their method is based on a combination of drilling data, field observations, and measurements on outcrops and core samples.

  • WG7 - Social sciences

Members :
P.Chavot, A.Genter, A.Masseran, Y.Serrano, J. Zoungrana, M. Stein, Cyrille Bodin

Scientific objectives
Perception of geothermal energy in urban context
Comparison between acceptance ans opposition contexts
Comparison between rural and urban contexts
Social acceptability in urban context

  • WG8 - Data Center for Deep Geothermal energy

Members :
M.Schaming, E.Dalmais, C. Doubre, A. Fremand, J-F Girard, C. Grellier, M.Grunberg, A. Le Chenadec, F.Masson, T. Mochel, J.Schmittbuhl, A.Genter, A. Richard, N. Cuenot.

Scientific objectives
Observatory mission of LabEx G-eau-thermie profonde
Back-up, sustain and distribute data collected in the region’s deep geothermal sites, with kaking care of intellectual property rights.

23 juin 2017