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Consortium Industry/university

The LabEx G-EAU-THERMIE PROFONDE is a joint project industry/university, headed by the University of Strasbourg.

University of Strasbourg

The University of Strasbourg is the second largest university in France with more than 43 000 Students and 4000 researchers. Established in 1538, the University has an important European position and an international reputation.

Academic partners

  • EOST (Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre) – The School and Observatory of Earth Sciences is an institution under the supervisory authority of the University of Strasbourg and the French national center for scientific research (CNRS) in charge of the research, education and observation in Earth sciences.
  • ICUBE This laboratory brings together researchers in the fields of engineering science, computer science and medical science with imaging. The civil engineering and energetics team is involved in the LabEx G-EAU-THERMIE PROFONDE project.
  • LISEC (Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Education et de la Communication) - This laboratory brings together researchers in science education and communication.

Industrial partners

  • ES Group - Electricité de Strasbourg. ES Group is one of the main Alsacian leaders in the energy field. As an industrial partner of the project, ES Géothermie, a subsidiary of EG Group, is bringing its technical expertise and experience. ES is part of the EDF Group (Electricité de France).
  • GEIE EMC (Groupement européen d’intérêt économique - Exploitation minière de la chaleur). The EEIG operates the Soultz-sous-Forêts site, which is a model for new geothermal development projects in Alsace for urban or industrial energy consumption.

21 janvier 2015