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European Geosciences Union 2014 - Vienne - 27 avril/02 mai

L’European Geosciences Union 2014 s’est déroulé du 27 avril au 02 mai 2014 à Vienne en Autriche.

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  • VIDAL J., GENTER A., DURINGER PH., SCHMITTBUHL J. (2014). Natural fracture permeability in Triassic sediments of the Upper Rhine Graben from deep geothermal boreholes
  • MAGNENET V., FOND Ch., SCHMITTBUHL J., GENTER A., (2014). THM modelling of hydrothermal circulation in deep geothermal reservoirs, EGU (Vienna) - Geothermal energy from deep sedimentary basins, 27 April - 2 May 2014.
  • STORMO A., LENGLINÉ O., SCHMITTBUHL J., The nature of the two scaling laws in interfacial fracture.
  • LEHUJEUR M., VERGNE J., MAGGI A., SCHMITTBUHL J., Variability of high frequency seismic noise and implications for interferometric methods : a case study of deep geothermal reservoirs in northern Alsace, France.
  • LENGLINÉ O., LAMOURETTE L., VIVIN L., CUENOT N., SCHMITTBUHL J., Earthquakes with variable stress drops : influence of pore pressure
  • HEIMLICH C., MASSON F., GOURMELEN N., Geodetic monitoring strategy at the geothermal sites of Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen (Upper Rhine Graben, France)

20 octobre 2014